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B8 - Journey to the Rock

Code       Title                                 Level     Author                 Year
B8           Journey to The Rock          1-3         Michael Malone     1984

About Michael Malone:

Well, I normally use Wiki for most of my info.  When I followed the link from "The List of Dungeons and Dragons Modules,"  I took me to Michael Malone, a soap opera actor.  The only thing I could find about our Michael Malone is that he wrote B8 and worked on "In Search of Adventure"  If anyone does have any additional info, send me the info at, or just post a comment on the blog.

Misc Info:

Wendy J. Rose reviewed the module in Imagine magazine, giving it a positive review. She felt that the plot was sound if unoriginal and that the module was noteworthy as, unusually, almost all the action takes place outdoors. According to Rose there are plenty of good opportunities for roleplaying, it is not just "hack-and-slay" and the module contains several interesting new monsters. However, she also criticized a number of things: the quality of production is "rough in places", space is wasted by repetition of rules and the English is "stilted". The gamemaster has to be very familiar with the module, according to Rose, but she noted that it compares favorably with the others of the B series and is a "good buy".

Module Excerpt:  (Background)

Thousands of years ago, Tuma was a city of wealth and glory, and its people lived by a code of wisdom, honor, justice, and peace. This city of Law roused envy and hatred in the hearts of those who followed the ways of Chaos. Many times evil armies attempted to destroy Tuma, but its defenders were always victorious. Finally, the enemies of Tuma used powerful evil sorceries to remove the inhabitants of Tuma to another plane of existence, where they are still trapped. In time, they were able to banish the city itself. 

Over the centuries, Tuma became a forgotten city, the subject of superstition and whispererd leg- ends. Only one man knows its true story- Lirdrium Arkayz. Arkayz was once part of the ruling council of the city of Tuma. During the final defense of the city, the council decided that two members of the council would go into hiding, so that if the city fell, the two hidden members could continue the fight. Arkayz was one of the two, but he was not allowed to know the identity of the other, so that he could not betray his colleague if captured. The council created a magical talisman which would give the chosen ones the power they neeeded to fight evil. The talisman was in two parts that had to be joined for its magic to be used. The talisman was the way the chosen ones would recognize each other, for no impostor would be able to use the magic of the amulet. The amulet also kept the chosen ones from aging. Arkayz’ half was hidden in the Hall of The Rock. 

The enemies of Tuma could not destroy the talisman, but they cast a spell that made it impossible for anyone from Tuma to recover it from its hiding place. Arkayz has hired adventurers to get the talisman for him, but all have failed. Although he is a just and honorable man, Arkayz never reveals the nature of the talisman or his own true identity, unless absolutely necessary. As far as anyone else is concerned, Arkayz is a wise and eccentric wizard who long ago gave up adventuring to study philosophy and write poetry. If the player characters reach the Hall of The Rock, the magic that prevents Arkayz from entering The Rock will be broken. He can then recover the talisman even if the player characters do not. If the player characters succeed in their mission, Arkayz will at last have a chance to free his people. Once his part of the talisman is recovered, Arkayz will know how to find his hidden colleague, and Arkayz and his colleague will work together to save the people of Tuma. Although the talisman of Lirdrium Arkayz has considerable magical power, it is not an item that player characters will be able to use; the talisman was made for Arkayz alone. The talisman will be important to the adventure, however, if the party reaches The Hall of The Rock. Further information about the talisman is given in PART 6.

What we know:

There is a place called the Hall of The Rock.

I've cheated a bit and read into the module.  It is a wilderness module, and there are three ways to get to the Rock.

It's a pretty easy map.  since there is only 1 place, and it's a wilderness campaign I don't have to add much to the map.  I have added a town to give the players a start place on their quest.

                                                               Link to file: B1 - B8

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  1. He didn't actually work on In Search of Adventure - instead a crippled version of B8 was included in that supermodule. Malone's only other published work in fact is "The Wandering Trees," an adventure in Dragon #57 (January 1982). He is an elusive name, however, you're right. Taking into account the rather "stilting" prose, I'd say it's this guy:

    And, for God's sake: Yes, I'm joking.