Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1E AD&D Combat

A buddy of mine wrote this up for a campaign he is running.  Thought it was pretty good, so I thought I would share.

Just as a refresher in case there were any questions about how 1e AD&D combat works:
  • Combat is done in 1 minute Combat Rounds (10 Combat Rounds = Turn)  
  • Each Combat Round is broken up into 10 - 6 second segments (Initiative) 
  • You determine who gets to act first (or simultaneous) based on the segment of your d10 initiative roll
During a typical combat round you are attacking with your sword, parrying, shield bashing, punching, kicking...etc.  A lot of stuff is happening in a minute of combat!

All of this action is summed up at the end of the round with a damage roll - depending upon if you were successful that round (i.e. rolled a successful To Hit on d20).  

Points of damage are not all blood loss, but more of a cumulative wearing effect on your opponent until they are at zero.  When a monster reaches zero hit points, they are 'dead'. 

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